Welcome to my blog! As you can see, if this is the only post available, there is not much here yet. Have no fear! Within a few days, there should be at least one more article, if not more, that will contain the important information you all have come here for.

For those who have stumbled here on your own, sit, relax, and bookmark me. Check back later, and you’ll find a fantastical post about science and media, sometimes debunking, sometimes promoting, but always celebrating the great media we’ve produced. Interspersed with the scientific musings may be pure reviews of movies, shows, books, and even music that I am experiencing.

Stay tuned for the month of October! There will be weekly articles about horror, from the campy to the truly horrific. Again, not limited purely to movies, and the subject material will still be rather light.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you return!